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Top Managers of a German Company, Which Was Building a Russian Factory for Rosplasma, Are Wanted on an International Arrest Warrant

30 November 2015

On November 26th 2015, Tverskoy district court of Moscow issued an arrest warrant by default for the general director of a famous German company, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Reinhard Beber and board member of the company’s committee on CIS nations, Lutz Heintzl (in their absence). Glatt top managers are accused of attempted embezzlement of 3.5 billion roubles (50 million euros) while constructing a factory in Kirov that was to make blood-derived products. The construction of the factory was ordered by a Russian medical research and development centre, “Rosplasma”. The production at the factory, which was supposed to fulfill Russia’s need for plasm, did not start after all. The German businessmen’s defense believes that there are no grounds for either arrest or criminal proceedings.

The contract between Germany and Russia for the construction of a blood product factory in Kirov was signed in 2005. Rosplasma was the client, and the German Glatt Ingenieurtechnik GmbH was the contractor. The federal budget allocated 6.9 billion roubles to the construction of the factory at which two lines of production - one of immunoglobulin and another of albumin - were supposed to be launched in 2011.

However, at the final stage of the factory’s construction in 2009, when the buildings were ready and the equipment brought in, according to the German side, Rosplasma’s executives told Glatt  that a third production line needs to be launched to provide an end-to-end production cycle. 

Besides, by that time all the devoted money had been spent on the buildings and the equipment by the German side (this was done by a Russian company, OOO “Intra Bau M”, which is bankrupt at the moment). Having reported their spending, the German company claimed they needed additional financing for the construction of the third production line. The same year (2009) both sides asked for Glavstroyexpertiza’s opinion, and the experts assessed the final cost of the project to be 11 billion roubles. The German side, according to the lawyer, agreed to finish construction on a turnkey basis for a little over 3 billion roubles, but the coordination and approval within Russian structures lingered for an unknown reason.

Meanwhile, FSBI Rosplasma started covering the factory-related expenses from their own pocket and appealed to commercial court of the Kirov Province to have the German company pay the money back. Nonetheless, on November 17th  this year court of the first instance dismissed Rosplasma’s claims. The grounds for dismissal were the fact that Glatt disclosed all the financial records regarding the object.

Alongside this, in April 2013 the founder of the recently bankrupted “Intra Bau M” Aleksei Kharchenko wrote to Main Investigative Directorate of Moscow Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior a letter claiming that Glatt did damage worth 3.5 billion roubles (the sum of additional financing of the third production line and renting the factory on a turnkey basis). A criminal case under the articles 30 and 159 of the Criminal Code was opened against “unidentified persons”. Only in spring this year the police investigation ruled to hold Beber and Heintzl accountable by default. The object itself, which was supposed to provide the entire country with blood substitute, has been left unfinished.

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