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3 Russian Pharma Companies Are Listed on a RBC Rating of 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Russia

25 November 2015

RBC has published a rating, “50 fastest growing companies in Russia”, which is based on the financial results of 2011-2014. The conditions are strict: not only is a company supposed to double its business value, which is worth billions, every three years, (experience suggests that it is otherwise impossible to get on the list), but it should also do it evenly. Branch-wise a leader in growth is retail trade which is represented by 15 companies. Six companies deal food products (production and trading), five – housing development and construction, four – infrastructure construction, three – manufacture and distribution of drugs. These three are:

  1. Pharmkomplect (Nizhny Novgorod)
    Line of production: pharmaceutical distribution
    Co-owners: Igor and Yurii Gaisinsky
    The company still focuses on regional development not trying to win the capital city over: Pharmkomplect now has 8 branches and 18 regional offices. Profit dynamics: 2011 – 8.1 billion roubles, 2012 – 14.3 billion roubles, 2013 – 22.4 billion roubles, 2014 – 27.8 billion roubles.

  2. Lancet (Moscow)
    Line of production: pharmaceutical distribution
    Co-owners: Anton Zybin and Vladimir Pokrovsky
    The company delivers medicines, high-tech medical equipment and consumable materials to hospitals. According to the company’s figures, it is one of the biggest suppliers in the hospital segment. It has the following profit dynamics: 2011 – 2.7 billion roubles, 2012 – 4.9 billion roubles, 2013 – 7.8 billion roubles, 2014 – 9.9 billion roubles.

  3. Niarmedic Plus (Moscow)
    Line of production: pharmaceuticals, a chain of clinics.
    The owner:Vladimir Nesterenko
    The best known product produced by the company is an anti-viral drug, Kagocel. Besides the pharmaceutical business the company owns a chain of multifaceted medical clinics (12 clinics including franchising ones) and a diagnostic and treatment laboratory; it also develops and sells diagnostic test systems. Profit dynamics: 2011 – 1.9 billion roubles, 2012 – 3.8 billion, 2013 – 5.4 billion roubles, 2014 – 6.5 billion roubles.

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