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Sanofi and Roche in Russia. Autumn 2015

31 October 2015

Sanofi in Russia: A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending.

Sanofi Company have changed their mind about building a factory in the Leningrad Region, NW of Russia

On 20 September 2014, the Leningrad Region’s local government and Sanofi-Aventis Group company signed a memorandum as a part of XII International investment forum Sochi-2014. The memorandum was widely advertised by mass media, it implied looking into the possibility of creating pharmaceutical manufacture on the territory of the region.

One year later Sanofi is choosing not to carry out the project, citing Russian market environment and development strategy as the reason.

Again, in September 2015 Sanofi signed a working agreement with the Kirov Region local government and LLC Nanolek in the field of pharma and medicine at an International forum. The agreement was signed at an international forum BioKirov-2015, which was held in Kirov on 17-19 September. According to the agreement, Sanofi is planning to start the production of a combined vaccine called Pentaxim at LLC Nanolek’s factories. The first vaccines by this manufacturer will hit the Russian market in 2016, and by 2019, the plant is supposed to reach the mark of 10 million dosage forms a year.

Nonetheless, Sanofi has a plant manufacturing different types of insulin and oncological medicines. The company has stated that in the summer 2016 it is planning to start exporting Russian-made insulin to the EU.

Roche in Russia: A Living Dog is Better Than a Dead Lion.

In October 2015, a representative of a Swiss manufacturer stated that Roche is going to launch full-cycle production of rituximab at Pharmstandard’s plants and possibly shift the production of a new drug, obinutuzumab, to Russia.

The decision to produce retuximab in Russia came after a Russian manufacturer, BIOCAD, won a lawsuit against Roche. The lawsuit concerned a high profile for the pharmaceutical industry patent dispute over rituximab in Russia. Moreover, BIOCAD filed a petition for a pre-term cessation of patent for rituximab’s method of administration, which belongs to Genentech a Roche company. Genentech voluntarily annulled their patent, not having waited for the case hearing in the Chamber for Patent Disputes.

Related news: BIOCAD has won a lawsuit against Roche in an unusually high-profile for Russian pharma industry litigation

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