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30 September 201523 pharma companies ended up on the 500 RBC list
15 September 2015For the first half was purchased drugs for beneficiaries in the amount of 67.3 billion Rubles
8 September 2015The Rating of Russian Pharmacy Chains by the end of the 1st half of 2015
7 September 2015Roszdravnadzor: in 3 years the number of pharmacy organizations in Russia has grown to be more than 1.5 times as big.
2 September 2015DSM Group: consumers are buying cosmetics in pharmacies less often these days.
25 August 2015For the First Half Was Purchased Drugs For Beneficiaries in the Amount of €0.9 Billion
10 June 2015Q1 2015 Russian Pharmaceutical Market: a Survey of Pharmaceutical Benefits and Hospital Supplies in the 1st quarter 2015
9 June 2015Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam to join EEU Free Trade Area
5 June 2015Ozon Ltd. To Increase FDF Manufacturing By 2016
3 June 2015Vladimir Krasnikov: "CPhI Japan 2015 and CPhI Russia 2015 trade shows are effective venues to boost our business"
01 June 2015RPhG Insight: Russian Pediatrics Statistics of the Infant Mortality and Pediatric Oncology
01 June 2015Pharmaceuticals Import Declines by 3.4% in April 2015
25 May 2015Russian Pharmacy Chains Rating Q1-2015
20 May 2015South Korea did not join the sanctions against Russia
19 May 2015Summarizing the first quarter results, Russian pharma market size reached 341 billion roubles, according to DSM Group
18 May 2015Russian pharma products market rates of growth to reach 12-18%, according to IMS Health data
15 May 2015Prescription medicines advertisement may be permitted even by the end of 2015
14 May 2015Pharma products imports from non-CIS countries in April 2015
25 April 2015Import of pharmaceutical products to Russia from non-CIS countries March 2015
23 April 2015ROSSTAT: For the first quarter of 2015 production of medical devices in Russia amounted to 6.2 bln Roubles
22 April 2015

Vladimir Krasnikov, Russian Pharmalicensing Group, presented at CPhI-2015, Japan, Tokyo

18 April 2015Novo Nordisk opens new factory for the production of insulin in Russia
10 April 2015Import of medicines in Russia for February 2015.
18 March 2015Russian Pharmaceutical Market: rating of pharmacy chains at the end of 2014
11 March 2015Russia: Nutritional Supplement Market Volume Amounted to 2.96 Bln Roubles (EUR 41.1 mln) in February 2015
10 March 2015Import of pharmaceutical products to Russia in February, according to FCS
1 March 2015Analytical market review according to DSM Group. January 2015
22 February 2015For 2014 357 new manufactures were opened in Russia.
18 January 2015
Vladimir Krasnikov to present at CPhI Japan Conference in Tokyo,
April 22-24, 2015
11 October 2014Kyorin Pharmaceutical and R-Pharm Reach Agreement in Russia and neighboring nations for Activities Related to the Development and Marketing of Imidafenacin
22 September 2014Sanofi can build a plant in Leningrad Oblast
22 September 2014Localization projects give a strong incentive to the development of Russian pharmaceutical companies
16 September 20142014 first half-year figures
11 September 2014The imported pharmaceutical production cost value amounted to 1,014.6 mln USD in August 2014
10 September 2014DSM Group has prepared the top list of drugstore chains for the half-year period of 2014.
1 September 2014The Lists of codes of medical goods and products subject to value added tax at the rate of 10 % at their import and supply have been redefined
29 August 2014The Order of the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor) No. 2525 of 14.04.2014 On Approval of the Keeping Procedure for the Register of Issued Clinical Trial Authorizations for Medical Devices is published in RG on 27 August 2014
22 August 2014State duty rates increase for 2015
22 August 2014
21 August 2014Russia removes dietary supplements from import ban list
15 August 2014Vitamins from the EU and USA came under Russian import embargo.
10 July 2014St. Petersburg Authorities Agreed to Delay Construction of 3 Pharmaceutical Plants.
The delay in project realization was caused by additional approval procedures
27 June 2014By 2023 the volume of Turkish pharmaceutical sector will reach 23 billion dollars
26 June 2014Russian pharmaceutical company R-Pharm invests 100 mln euros in its business in Turkey
25 June 2014Abbott agreed with Avdeev to buy Veropharm for 17 bln rubles
24 June 2014Pace of Russian pharmaceutical market growth may slow in 2014
23 June 2014EC Approved of Sistema JSFC and Fresenuis Kabi Joint Venture
16 June 2014Russian R-Pharm Buys Pfizer’s Plant in Germany
9 June 2014Russia Imported 43.7 Thousand Tons of Medicines Totaling To USD 3,317.1 Million Over Four Months of 2014
4 June 2014Roman Abramovich to Buy Half of Biocad for USD 1 Billion
1 June 2014All Pharmaceutical Plants in Russia Failed First GMP Compliance Audit
29 May 2014Russian Commercial Retail Pharmaceutical Market Grew by 8% over 4 Months of 2014
28 May 2014The Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry will be adapted to the European one
26 May 2014By 2016 within the framework of the EAEC a common market of pharmaceutical products will begin its work
26 May 2014Roszdravnadzor developed a plan on implementation of openness of the department
22 May 2014The State Duma adopted in the first reading a bill with changes in legislation regarding veterinary drug circulation
20 May 2014Berlin-Chemie Opened New Plant in Kaluga Region
19 May 2014Veronika Skvortsova: Draft Amendments to Federal Law “On Circulation of Medicines” Submitted to Russian Government
19 May 2014Russian Pharmaceutical Market to Grow up to Trillion Rubles
12 May 2014Issues of preferential taxation of medicinal products will be resolved in Russia
5 May 2014Equipment from Customs Union to Come to Russian Medical Facilities
29 April 2014DSM Group: Russian Pharmaceutical Market Size in First Quarter of 2014 Is RUR 284.9 Billion
28 April 2014Vladimir Krasnikov, Russian Pharmalicensing Group CEO to chair and speak at the CPhI Istanbul Conference on Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th June 2014 at Lutfi Kirdar Convention and Exhibition Centre.
16 April 2014Russian Pharmalicensing Group (RPG) has presented– Pharmaceutical Bulletin (Фармацевтический бюллетень)
7 April 2014Proceeds of ZAO "Binnopharm" in 2013 increased by 41.3% compared to the year 2012 and were USD 104.3 million.
3 April 2014“Road map” draft on completion of pharmaceutical industry transition to GMP standards has been prepared
2 April 2014“Boehringer Ingelheim” announces financial results for 2013 in Russia
1 April 2014Order on the status of local drug manufacturers has been sent to the Ministry of Justice
31 March 2014News of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. World medical innovations will be available to the Russian healthcare
28 March 2014Johnson & Johnson conducts 10% of its trials in Russia
27 March 2014Stada CIS’ Nizhpharm may Suffer from West’s Anti-Russian Sanctions
26 March 2014Ministry of Industry: Transitional period for the Russian pharmaceutical industry to GMP standards may take up to 3 years
26 March 2014Minpromtorg to Resume Issue of Export Documents for Domestic Pharmaceuticals
25 March 2014IMEDA: Stimulating, not prohibitive measures will help develop the Russian medical industry
25 March 2014Cabinet of Ministers to Review Proposed Changes to Veterinary Products Circulation Laws
11 March 2014Roszdravnadzor Issued Recommended Application Form for Imported for Registration Medical Devices
7 March 2014Rosstat: February Import of Pharmaceutical Products is 972.1 Million of US Dollars
28 February 2014Ministry of Health plans to make changes in the nomenclature classification of medical devices
25 February 2014The order, regulating requirements for organizations performing clinical testing of medical devices, goes into effect
15 February 2014FAS Approved of 100% Purchase of Petrovax Pharm by Interros Subsidiary
23 January 2014 Russian Pharmalicensing Group opens door to Russian pharmaceutical market.
An interview with Vladimir Krasnikov, Managing Director and founder of Russian Pharmalicensing Group, to Indian Pharma Journal
6 December 2013 Pharmacy Chain 36.6 to merge with A.V.E.
6 December 2013 Drugs consumer prices had grown by 8.4% at the start of 2013
20 November 2013Russian’s Biocad expanding to Brazil for biosimilar production
25 October 2013The pharmaceutical products import volume in Russia in September amounted to USD 1.1 billion
11 October 2013Federal Antimonopoly Service once again warned Teva
10 October 2013To managing directors of certification authorities about FSIS of Federal Accreditation Service launching
10 October 2013The pharmaceutical products import volume in Russia in September amounted to USD 1.1 billion
9 October 2013The number of authorizations to conduct international clinical trials given by the Ministry of Public Health in the first half decreased by 14.1%
7 October 2013GEROPHARM Opens a Full-Cycle Insulin Manufacturing Plant in the Moscow Region
30 September 2013The Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation: Manufacturing of drug products in 2016 will increase by 77.8% compared to 2012.
10 September 2013Bayer is set to expand its operations in Russia, adding more than 800 new jobs over the next four years to help drive a substantial increase in its sales in the country
19 July 2013Prestige expands reach with Care