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Being part of international business community we are very passionate about participation in pharmaceutical events around the world.

We use these forums to build relationships and provide updates to our current and potential clients regarding Russian and other ex-USSR pharmaceutical markets.

CPhI Japan Conference, 2015 link to event page

Big Sight Exhibition Centre - West Hall 1, 2 and Atrium, Tokyo, Japan, April 22-24

Vladimir Krasnikov
RPhG General Director
at CPhI-2015 Tokyo, Japan

On April 22, 2015 Vladimir Krasnikov, General Director of Russian Pharmalicensing Group, made a presentation at the CPhI-2015, Tokyo, Japan.

The presentation provided overview of the Russian pharmaceutical market as well as existing opportunities for business development.

The Russian pharmaceutical market, the 7th biggest in the world, is without doubt attractive to foreign investment because of the size of the market and the potential for further expansion. However, there is a certain level of difficulty for overseas players to enter because of its uniqueness, such as non-parallel registration scheme and mandatory requirements to conduct mandatory local trials. Dr. Krasnikov, founder of Russian Pharmalicensing Group, who has been supporting overseas players to register their products, to find a right local partner, and to negotiate a wide range of M&A agreements in Russia, will give a clear exposition of overview of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market.

Vladimir Krasnikov's presentation topics:
Overview of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market - 3 Segments of the Russian Pharma Market: Retail, Hospital and State Procurements.
Regulatory Affairs, M&A Trends, and Market Entry Strategy.

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